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Your Voices | East Village Tweets

A sampling of reader reactions to the posts of Brendan Bernhard, the author of “East Village Tweets.”

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A Bit of Liverpool on 11th Street

Fans of the English soccer team Liverpool make the East Village their home base, meeting here every week at the 11th Street Bar to watch games.


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A Street Scene Explained

A reader steps forward to claim ownership of a majestic but fading car depicted in one of The Local’s photo features.

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A Pollution Concern from Heating Oils

Last month?s expanded smoking ban may have irritated city dwellers, but environmentalists say that another pollutant continues to fill the air: the soot from the 9,000 buildings in Manhattan that use No. 4 and 6 heating oil.

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Street Scenes | Mars Bar

The photography of Phillip Kalantzis Cope.

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For Spring, A Jungle Gym Workout

With spring’s approach, personal fitness trainer Al Kavadlo offers tips for a workout based around jungle gyms.

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