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The caffebene, giant Korean coffee chain opened the flagship location in Times Square, NYC, with the Misugaru Latte and its localized menu.


In the great war of coffee in New York City, there’s a new kid on the block.  caffebene, renown for the mellow and nutty flavoring of its coffee brand, is setting up shop in Times Square.

caffebene, which originated in Seoul, Korea, is already a booming chain and a favorite hotspot for locals in Seoul.  Since its founding in 2008 by entrepreneur Kim Sun-Kwon, the chain boasts over 750 outlets compared to the 381 of the veteran Starbucks.  The success of caffebene is largely to due to the stellar taste of its coffees, which is a medium roast blend that is rich in flavor but without the bitterness often associated with other brands.  Also popular are the signature beverages like the Misugaru latte, which is a Korean tea-based drink that combines five grains of black rice, brown rice, white bean, black bean and barley.  Besides its sweet and salty flavor, the latte is also a famed for its health benefit, which is high in fiber and low in calories.  This will be especially attractive to New Yorkers who are typically one of the most health conscious demographics in the US.  Each store employs its own pastry chef and baker who prepare crafted menu favorites like the Belgian waffle, caffebene’s signature dish, served in two types of waffles: sweet waffles with sweet pearl sugar and savory waffles with bacon and Parmesan cheese.



More importantly, caffebene takes the sit and sip atmosphere of its rivals and brings it to a whole new level.   All of its stores’ interiors styled like old European coffee houses with subway-tiled walls that boasts flat-screen TVs.  There is even separate reading and WIFI-enabled rooms and thus the atmosphere of caffébene is a retrofitted hangout for people who like to relax, drink and be merry.  According to founder and CEO Kim this is his favorite part about being a business owner. “I’ve never see people arguing in my coffee shop,” he says.  “I just enjoy seeing people having a good time.”

About caffébene;

The Seoul-based coffee franchiser, caffebene, started in April 2008 in Seoul, Korea and has since open 750 stores in the surrounding cities.  Each store employs its own chef and baker who prepare fresh menu items each day.  Kim Sun-Kwon, the founder and CEO of caffebene believes “trust’ and ‘faith’ are the most important keys to his success of business.  He is already planning a second location on the West Coast and planning to open 100 outlets including 50 in Manhattan alone in the States in two years.

caffebene  1611 Broadway New York, NY 10019

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ArtUP:Growing Public Art in the LES, calls for funding to preserve cultural landmarks in East Village

As the end of the year approaches, FABnyc invites you to help us revitalize our community spaces by supporting our public art program, ArtUp.

Cultural landmarks are disappearing rapidly on the Lower East Side, and, in an effort to preserve the neighborhood’s character, FABnyc’s ArtUp program is transforming construction sites, scaffolding bridges, and vacant spaces into street-side galleries.

Invigorate and preserve the culture of the Lower East Side by making a contribution to ArtUp via our Kickstarter campaign. You can even receive special rewards from past and current ArtUp artists, and, to sweeten the deal, all donors will be invited to a backer party this January.

ArtUp will only be funded if at least $3,000 is pledged by Thursday Dec 29, 9:17pm EST, so every little bit helps and every dollar is appreciated.

Your invaluable support will help generate vital creative exchange and sustain neighborhood character.

Let art inspire you in 2012.

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“Assembling Happiness,” the group show of local artists opens on December 8th at Peter Louis Salon/ Gallery


ARTIST DULCIE DEE is the main featured artist of the group show opening Thurs December 8th “Assembling Happiness” thru January 8th 2012 from 6-9pm. This show opens the holiday season and gallery reception will be available to the public.  Gallery hours Mon-Sat hrs. 10am-6pm.

Dee will be exhibiting 5 paintings from her latest series: “Ma Belle Salope Chinoise” depicting self portraits of Chinese women along with her exquisite handmade paper mache masks and “The Peking Princess” oil painting which was shown at the National Arts Gallery.

OPENING RECEPTION : Thursday December 8th 2011 from 6-9pm

Peter Louis Salon/Gallery

143 East 57 Street 2fl.

New York, NY

(212) 319-0019

(off Lexington Avenue)





[email protected]

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Nearly 150 Years, McSorley’s Ale House Continues Its Legacy, Light or Dark, as an Landmark in East Village, NYC.

McSorley's Ale House in East Village

McSorley's Ale House in East Village

Established in 1854 by Irish John McSorley in East Village, NYC, McSorley’s Old Ale House has been a gathering place, a drinking hole, the subject of art and literature and even a United States supreme court controversy. Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon have indulged in a “One and One.” Woody Guthrie rallied the early American union movement from a table in the back – guitar in hand while constitutional attorneys Faith Seidenberg and Karen DeCrow had to take their case to the U.S. Supreme Court to gain access – women finally being allowed entry in 1970! From it’s humble origins as an Irish workingman’s saloon – cheese and crackers on the house-ale for pennies more, to its discovery by the mainstream in a 1940’s LIFE magazine pictorial, McSorley’s is steeped in a cultural cacophony of Americana. Presidents, residents, authors and thieves – the lot of humanity has sat and shared, all obeying the McSorley’s golden rule “Be Good or Be Gone”.

When McSorley’s first opened in 1854, it was one of 2,400 saloons in New York City. Now, it is the ONLY saloon where still serve up dark and light ale to the locals and tourists. Nothing much has been changed at McSorley’s since its opening. The interiors and food are almost about the same. Two mugs served for each order and their signature burgers and chili are still reasonable in price as well.

No women were allowed in 1970. With feminism was high in the movement, Faith Seidenberg and Karen De Crow won the Supreme Court appeal to legalize the allowance of females to McSorley’s. Although the place was not and still is not kind of place where women would like to hang out, this remarkable change in 1970 sure turned the place into something else.

McSorley’s Ale House 15 East 7th Street (bet. 2&3 Avenue) New York NY 10003

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“East Village Walking Tour,” the perfect guide for people wanting to walk in to life of East Village!

East Village Walking Tour

East Village Walking Tour


There is no better way to get to know a neighborhood than by talking a walking tour with a qualified and experienced guide. The official walking tours of the East Village Visitor Center are offered by the Lower East Side History Project; an award winning non-profit organization dedicated to researching the history of the greater Lower East Side (which actually includes the East Village.) LESHP’s volunteer guides are native New Yorkers who are professional educators, researchers, authors, and active in the community — and the organization offers a variety of public tour topics to choose from. LESHP also caters tours for groups and individual private tours. Specifically interested in the Jewish History of the neighborhood? Then we recommend the Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy, which offers public and private tours on a regular basis.

This is a crash course in East Village/Lower East Side history. From the farmlands of the 1600s and the wealthy estates of the 1700s, to immigration, tenements, the “melting pot” and how the East Village became a haven for artists and counter culturalists in the twentieth century (and everything in between).

Despite recent gentrification, the East Village neighborhood of the Lower East Side, technically E.14th Street to E. Houston Street, still retains much of its radical character.

Every Saturday at 12:00pm

Reservations: Not Required, you can pay your guide

Fee: $20 General Admission

Location: in front of Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery

Directions: F train to 2nd Ave or 6 train to Bleecker/Lafayette

Meet Here (View larger map/get directions):

Your guide: Andrea Coyle, Director of Outreach and Membership for LESHP, is a native New Yorker, a licensed New York City tour guide, a member of The Guides Association of New York City, and a graphic artist. She is a community activist and is passionate about preserving the fabric of New York City neighborhoods. Andrea was an early education preschool teacher, and she also volunteers for Big Apple Greeter

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Kristalbelli, the upgraded experience of Korean barbecue restaurant by JYP Entertainment is coming in midtown NYC in December 2011.

Media production by © SB DESIGN

The Next Korean Barbecue Restaurant, Kristalbelli, owned by JYP Foods Inc., child company of JYPE (JYP Entertainment) is expected to open in early December in midtown, New York City. (8 West 36th Street, New York, NY)

With its unique grill of downdraft system that is custom designed by an artist in Korea, the Korean barbecue experience will be in the new era of upscale and fine atmosphere. No hair smelling like fired up meat, no smoke layered up between you and your date, Kristalbelli is said to be the one where all five senses will be indulged.

More information about their innovative grill will be revealed through their teasers that will be followed with two more within next few weeks.

There will be a private lounge offering exquisite Korean dishes beyond barbecue that pair with boutique wines and two large party rooms are available for private and corporative gatherings.

Chef David Shim who graduated from C.I.A. (Culinary Institute of America) and previously worked at ‘L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon’ and Four Seasons Hotel will be in charge of kitchen.

JYP Foods Inc. (JYP Entertainment) is planning to open 5 more restaurants in next 3 years starting from this one in NY to LA, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul.

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